1% Transparent Mechanical LED Keyboard

Style: 1% Transparent

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Used the design of the clear keycaps, let the keyboard be unique from others.




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Materials: ABS / PC Body&PC Keycaps

Number of Keys: 68

Dimension: 320 x 117.5 x 46mm

Light: singular White LED

Baterry compasity: 2000mAh

Connetion mode: Bluetooth 5.1 / Type-C

Support systems: Windows / macOS / Android / iOS

Clear Keycaps & See-through Appearance
7 LED Effects
Environmental Friendly: type-c charging for 3 hours; 10-100 working hours
Capable With Kailh Jellyfish; Easy to Press
Non-fading pad printing and UV coating, leaving no fingerprint
Multiple Operating Systems: Windows / iOS / Android / macOS

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