Eco-Friendly Reusable Notebook


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The classic pen and paper experience built for the digital age.


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It remedied the shortcomings traditional paper notebooks and note-taking applications have.

New Generation of Notebook It integrates the upsides of both paper notebooks and electronic devices, allowing you to keep your writing gestures alive and record your endless ideas without replacing notebooks often.

Eco-Friendly and Reusable If you feel terrible about taking out forests while using paper for notes, homework, or sketches, it's high time you try this reusable one. It can be used over 500 times with lined and blank page styles.OCR and Cloud Storage Sophisticated hi-tech material allows OCR to be easier and more accurate. Scan the whole notebook with ease by taking pictures continuously. Upload them on to Cloud with one click. Share your notes anytime anywhere!

Easier To Erase Just swipe the writing away gently with a damp cloth or a piece of damp paper in a repeated single direction. After about 5 secs, you'll get a brand-new page without any dirty crumbs!

Eco-Friendly Reusable Notebook


Notebook Size: A5(9.1×6.7 inches)

Page Size: 8.1×5.5 inches

Number of Pages: 50

Weight: 1.1 lb(0.5kg)

Color: Yellow Grey


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Why we think it is cool

It remedied the shortcomings traditional paper notebooks and note-taking applications have.

What's in the box

1× Notebook
3 × Pens(Color: Red, Black, and Blue)
1 × Cloth


Reusable and environment-friendly;

Wet wipes erasable;

Waterproof and wear-resisting paper;

OCR and cloud storage supported;

Searchable content.

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