Exquisite Dome Candle Warmer Lamp


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The safe-to-use candle warmer lamp will bring a European touch to your interior.


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The Lamp of Pantheon Dome Revive the Classic Glory

Safe and Convenient It relies on thermal energy to melt the wax. Just plug it in and enjoy the vibrant clean fragrance.

Unique Home Décor A high-end artwork full of details

4 Light Modes   2h/4h/8h Timer

Fits Most Jar Candles

Exquisite Dome Candle Warmer Lamp

Exquisite Dome Candle Warmer Lamp

Exquisite Dome Candle Warmer Lamp

Material: Concrete

Dimensions: 6.5×5.3×9.0 inches

Weight: 16 lb

Color: White Gray

Rated Voltage: 220V

Output Power: Up to 35W(GU 10 Halogen Bulb)

Environment: Indoor Use


What's in the box

1×Lamp(Without Bulb)

Sophisticated Pantheon dome design;
Adjustable heat and light for different wax;
Convenient 2h/4h/8h timer function;
Safe to use;
Fits most jar candles;

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