PETAL fashion Wireless Laptop Mouse

Color: Pink & White

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Wireless mouse with magnetic buttons in the shape of a nail and a receiver with a fluffy ball, for your utmost comfort at work and study.

Easy-switchable magnetic buttons.Remove the original and attach the new one to the magnetic base.2 buttons, 3 colors for customization.

Upgrade your comfort with ergonomical design A contoured shape  Keep your hand snug and in place.

5 levels of DPIs for smooth and smart scrollThe 5 levels of DPIs 800/1200/1600/2400/3200 line-by-line precision and super-fast scrolling

Fast switch of DPI Hold the button at the bottom Convenient and intuitive.

Fluffy receiver for easier hold and identify Fluffy receiver for loss prevention eye-catching More comfort of use.

2.4 G & Bluetooth connection Connect the way you like by switching the button.Choose between Bluetooth or 2.4 G USB receiver.

Silent clicks and ultra-quiet scrolling Ultra-quiet experience for your surroundings. Noise reduction for clicks. Wide rubber scroll wheel glides in silence.

Works perfectly on multiple operation systems Seamlessly compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, ipadOS, and Android.

DPI: 800/1200 (default)/1600/2400/3200

Size: 93.5x64x38.3mm

Battery Size: AA1.5V 5 alkaline battery

Weight: 85g

Number of buttons: Button 4 toggle switch

Connection method: 2.4G + Bluetooth

Bluetooth name: Petal@Lofree

2.4GHz transmitting power: Less than 10mW (e.i.r.p)

Devices supported: iPhone/iPad/iMac/PC/Android

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Why we think it is cool

We recommend it because it innovates the customization of a wireless mouse by introducing magnetic buttons and 5 levels of DPI.

What's in the box

PETAL small flap mouse x1
Replaceable button x1
Package x 1
Manual x 1
Warranty card x 1
No.5 alkaline battery x1
2.4G USB receiver x1
Replaceable magnetic left and right buttons x 3

Magnetic buttons for convenient change and personalized style

Optimal fit for your hands and non-slip press key
Five levels of DPI for switching
Anti-loss receiver with a cute fluffy ball
Silent Clicks and ultra-quiet scrolling
Compatible with PC/macOS/iOS/Android

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