Pro-Grade Smartphone Thermal Camera for Inspection & Maintenance

Style: For ios

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It can be used for diagnosing problems faster in everyday life, like checking a car engine, spotting a hidden camera in a hotel, finding out heat loss in your home, etc. Pro-grade precision helps professionals locate a leak, a gap in insulation, or an electrical fault, identify over-heating electrical appliances and circuitry, etc.


8MM Macro Thermal Camera for Smartphones

Imaging Effect Comparison

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Thermal Image Image Under Light

No Internal Batteries

Powerful Post-image Analysis

Application Scenarios

A List of Its Application

Resolution: 256*192

Frame Rate: 25Hz
Measurement Range: -4°F-842°F(-20°C-450°C)
FOV: 44.9°*33.4°
Power Consumption: <350mW
Dimensions: 1*1*0.9 inches
Weight: <0.6 ounces(<18g)

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What's in the box

1*Thermal Camera
1*Cable(For Connecting Handle)
1*Protective Case
1*Lens Cap
1*Lens Cleaning Cloth
1*User Manual

Close-up pictures with 8mm macro lens.

Real-time high-resolution thermal imaging.

-4°F-842°F accurate temperature measurement.

Compact, durable design without the limit of battery life.

Wide application for locating energy loss, electrical, and mechanical failures, water damage, seeing in complete darkness, and hundreds more heat-related issues.

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