Mini Power Bank For Apple Watch

Color: White 1200mAh

Image description



Both charger & power bank

Portable charger For iWatch

2 hours Full in

for Apple Watch 8

Wide compatibility

1200mAh large battery

Increase the endurance

No false mark

Safe charging

Do not hot

PC+ABS case

Long time use will not be hot

Applicable to

for ip interface

One cable does it all

40 minutes full

With PD18W charger

Can quickly fill

Smart chip

Charging speed

Multiple protection functions

Low temperature, fast charging and no hot

How much electricity

be absolutely clear

Intelligent indicator

How much electricity is visible

Details More quality

Anti-skid and wear-resistant

Laser engraving texture

Skin-friendly and delicate

polished finish

Mini Portable

Each journey

So powerful

The volume is not the same as "small"

Product parameters

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