Self-Defense Flashlight with Electric Lighter

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This is a portable tool for girls walking alone at night and a useful gadget for home security.

why图Self-Defense Rechargeable Flashlight with Electric Lighter Guard your safety day and night. Dual Arc  Sound-Light Alarm 500lm Flashlight Type-C Charging

Dangers Lurking in Our Lives The safety risks and challenges in seemingly peaceful days cannot be overlooked.  图标 Come home late Take a taxi Live alone Be followed Be harassed Be robbed

Dual Arc  Ignition Is a Snap X-shaped dual arc can ignite fast and easily with strong electric power compared with a traditional lighter, which takes quite a long time to ignite and may hurt your finger.

Trigger Alarm With 1 Button High-Decibel Buzzing Strong Strobe Light Press and hold the button for 2.5s to trigger the sound-light alarm in an emergency. It's designed to operate even when you are seized by panic and fear.

Hotel Room Guard It has a built-in vibration sensor. Once it's set up, if it's moved, the sound-light alarm will be triggered immediately. Wake you up and scare the intruder away at night.

500lm and 150m Beam Distance The flashlight supports 150m beam distance. In case of emergency, it helps explore the way ahead and foresees potential dangers. Always escort your safety.

Aircraft-Grade Material The body of the flashlight used high-strength aircraft quality aluminum with fine texture, lightweight, strong, and stylish.

Convenient Pushbutton Design Type-C Rechargeable  Visible Charging Status Portable Rubber Lanyard

Self-Defense Rechargeable Flashlight with Electric Lighter

Modes: Flashlight, Electric Lighter, Sound-Light Alarm

Brightness: 20-500lm
Beam Distance: 30-150m
Dimensions: 0.8*5.5 inches
Weight: 2.9oz
Charging: Type-C Port
Charging Time: About 2.5h

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Self-defense tool.

Flameless electric lighter.
Door opening alarm for home security.
Rechargeable flashlight with 150 beam distance.

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