Ultralight Rechargeable LED Headlamp

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This ultra-lightweight headlamp with an innovative appearance is designed for jogging, hunting, hiking, camping, backpacking, reading, etc. at night.


Ultralight Rechargeable LED Headlamp Modern Look Comfortable to Wear Sense of Technology

Ultralight Design Portable Charging Case Jogging at Night Fluorescent Rear

Like the Size of Earphones Store it in an included charging case. Take it anywhere and light the way ahead anytime.

Storage in a Click

Stable While You Exercise After careful design, it's steady on your head even when you breakdance.

Quality LED Light Beads Is Obviously Visible

Carefully Selected Parts & Materials

Fluorescent Rear Part Safer to Be Seen

Longer Battery Life Charge up in a Snap

The Ultralight Rechargeable LED Headlamp is an innovative product. It altered the appearance of its kind yet further improved its performance and durability. The front part is the light itself. The rear has an area of reflective material. These two are joined by a quality elastic that allows it to be placed on a treadmill, around the wrist, or almost anywhere. Pretty convenient for camping, early morning hikes, fishing, etc.

Frosted Texture 5000 Times Wear-Resistant Fluorescent Sticker Skin-Friendly Material

Beam Distance: 4m-16m

Weight: 0.98oz/29g (3.28oz/93g With Charging Case)
Waterproof: IPX4
Drop-Resistant Height: 1m
Battery Life: 65min-8h

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What's in the box

1*Charging Case
1*User Manual

0.98oz ultra-lightweight design.

Refined look with a storable headband and a mini charging case.

2 modes for outdoor activities and indoor reading.

8h long-lasting battery life.

Durable shock-resistant ABS material.

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