106 Keys Blue White Keycaps PBT Specials Keycap

Color: White Blue
Sale price$19.90

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106 Keys Blue White Keycaps PBT Specials Keycap Backlit Two-Color Mechanical Keyboard Key Caps

This is the keycap, not the keyboard

Material: PBT

Number of keys: 104/106 keys

The mixture of two colors makes your mechanical keyboard more distinctive

The keycap is light-transmissive, giving you a sense of visual impact at night

The keycap is suitable for RK61 / GK61 / ALT61 / 87/104and other mechanical keyboards

You can consult customer service for compatibility when purchasing

Only keycaps,no Keyboard

Please note, note: the product is only the keycap, not the keyboard, the keyboard is only a shooting display tool


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