Rechargeable Battery

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1.5V AA rechargeable battery 1800mWh USB AA rechargeable li-ion battery for remote control mouse small fan Electric toy battery

Model: AA USB rechargeable battery
Battery type: li-ion
Nominal capacity: 1800mwh
Rated voltage: 1.5V
Rechargeable battery: Yes
Rechargeable times: more than 1000 times
recharging current recharging: 1A
Charging voltage(v): 5V
Output voltage: 1.5V
Charging indicator light : charging - red light flashes, led remains on when fully charged

Support 1.2-hour fast charging
protect:overcharge&discharge,overcurrent,short circuit,etc.

Suitable for: An electric toothbrush ,Massager, flashlight,radios,smallfans,electronic toysand other electronic products.

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