Bath Toys Penguin Bathtub

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Material: ABS

Iceberg Penguin: 12*12*12cm

Package size: 12.2*12.3*12.2cm

Power supply mode: AAA*3 (Need to bring your own)

List: Main body*1 Water spray accessories*4

1. Fun bath toy: Iceberg penguin can divert children's attention, pray to comfort baby. A variety of ways to play, add fun to bathing.

2. Four nozzles can be matched as you like: the crown ball turns the iceberg penguin into a small penguin fountain; the rotating octopus makes the penguin spray water from all directions; the water-spraying whale turns the penguin into a small fountain; the shell can become a small waterfall.

3. Safety guarantee: The battery adopts a waterproof and sealed design, and there is no pressure for deep diving swimming. The built-in sealing ring isolates the battery from the outside world, and the sealed and waterproof design allows babies to play freely.

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