Memory Foam Ergonomics Mouse & Keyboard Wrist Rest

Color: Black Wrist Rest
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BRILA Memory Foam Wrist Rest Pads Set with ergonomic massage holes design

We design the wrist rest pads for delivering the most comforable way to work and play on computer/laptop for everyone, Wrist fatigue and carpal tuneel syndrome are increasingly common in nowadays, especially for those who need to work long hours in front of the computer every day, our wrists deserve to be well-protected in order to prevent from any wrist-related injuries, the Brila massage holes desinged keyboard & mouse wrist support pads can offer the most cozy protection for your wrist, make typing and using mice more comfortable than before.


Superb Lycra Fabric: Silky and textured lycra fabric, offers human-like touch.

Steady firmly support: Skid-proof rubbery PU back provides reliable unshakable support, no matter how fast you can type 


3-mm Depth Massage holes: Massages holes can halp to relieve the feeling of fatigue, and promote blood circulation in wrist


100% Memory Foam: Unlike silica gel, memory cotton foam has a slow bounce back feature, which offers ergonomic support for wrists

Massage Function: Benifit from the massage holes design, you can give yourself a wrist massage at anytime just by rapdily rubbing your wrist against to the long keyboard wrist support pad.


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