Creative Desk Lamp Usb Charging Eye Protection

Emitting Color: White
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Product material: ABS + AS + PP

Product accessories: USB cable * 1 + manual * 1

The input voltage: DC5V / 1 a

Working current: about 90 ma

Use power: 0.6 W

Battery capacity: 1200 ma

Charging time: about 2 ihs

Use time: about 12 ihs

Product color: warm white/cold white/light colorful atmosphere

Execution standard: GB - 7000.1-7000.204-2008-2015 / GB

Product specification

Product size: 80.5 * 80.5 * 127 mm

Packing size: 184 * 75 * 99 mm

Product weight: 287 g (net weight), 356 g (gross weight)

Directions for use

1. At the bottom of the table lamp always switches electricity
2. Press the lamp at the top for the first time open warm white
3. Press the lamp at the top of the second to cold white light
4. The third time press the lamp at the top into a colorful atmosphere color lights
5. The fourth time, on the lamp at the top can be color colorful atmosphere lamp current color
6. The fifth press the lamp at the top of the model into colorful atmosphere color lights
7. Press the lamp at the top of the sixth into warm white
8. With reference to 2-7 loops steps to change the light color
9. Need to close the lamp please double-click on the desk lamp to turn off the lights on demand
10. The infinite dimming function, in addition to the colorful atmosphere lamp, long press desk lamp at the top of the lamp brightness can be adjusted

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