Bluetooth Musical Tesla Coil

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ullet Points:
1、[ Double Mode Speaker ] Wireless Speaker is designed with music mode and flash mode, can be connected to a mobile phone to play music, and provides you with a special musical experience.
2、[ Square Wave Music Box ] Music Coil Speaker flashes with the rhythm of the music, the sound is produced by vibrating the air, which is the real "electric sound", features a high discharge frequency, and the arc effect is amazing.
3、[ Easy to Adjust ] By moving the knob on the Wireless Music Speaker, you can change the arc's length and frequency. You can use it with more assurance thanks to the high temperature protection mechanism.
4、[ Wide Variety of Applications ] Coil Music Box features an artificially simulated flash function that can be used as a physical experiment tool, with an itching sensation when touched, improving students' ability to learn and explore.
5、[ Ideal Gifts to Friends ] Wireless Musical Coil is very easy to use and has an amazing flashing melody when plugged in, can be used to play music, do scientific experiments, insulator to withstand voltage tests, etc, great as a gift for your friends and family.
The Music Coil Speaker has music mode and arc lighting mode. You can connect to your mobile phone by BT or audio cable to play music.

1. The arc flashes with the rhythm of the music and makes a sound by vibrating the air.
2. The length and frequency of the arc can be adjusted.
3. High-temperature Protection: Stop discharging when the temperature is too high, and resume operation when the temperature is lower than the warning temperature.

1. Do not approach flammable and explosive items when using
2. Avoid arcing to other electronic equipment
3. Be careful not to be poked by the discharge needle
4. Minors need to use it under adult supervision
5. Do not place items on the panel of the host to avoid damage to the shell due to high temperature
6. People with pacemakers are prohibited from using it
Size: about 9x9x3.3cm|3.54x3.54x1.29 inches
Body material: transparent acrylic
Music transmission way: Wireless/AUX audio input
Power input: 48V
Arc length: 0-8 cm
Discharge frequency: 5-50hz (flash mode)
Rate power: 100W
Packing list:
1*discharge needle
2*ambient light

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