LED Digital Clocks Alarm Nordic Wall Clocks

Color: White
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1: LED time display (12/24 hour system can be switched)
2: Can display time, date, temperature, alarm clock
3: Temperature measurement range 0°C-50°C (can be converted between Celsius and Fahrenheit)
4: Brightness automatic dimming function (the brightness is automatically reduced by 70% during the period from 7 pm to 5:59 am the next day, and the brightness is automatically adjusted to 100% from 6 am to 6:5 pm)
5: Brightness can be adjusted manually (L0 gear _L3 gear manual adjustment)
6: 4 setting buttons ES TUP DOWN RESET
7: Three groups of alarm functions AL 1-AL2-AL3
8: The LED screen displays the time and date automatically; temperature conversion (can also be displayed at a fixed time)
9: Can be used on the desktop or on the wall
10: The working power supply is DC5V DC power supply (a button battery is included as a memory time and cannot be stored)

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