LED Night Lamp USB Powered Gaming Room

Specification: USB Warm no remote
style: 1
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Note: This product does not have a remote control. A lamp has only one color, white or warm white. It can only be powered on by USB and cannot use batteries. Please do not buy if you mind.


1. Only USB power supply, portable operation
USB, can connect computer, mobile phone charger, power bank, etc
2. Suitable for desk lamp, bedside lamp, baby room, corridor, etc.
3. LED light source, low power consumption, long working life.
4. Durable base, beautiful and elegant design.
Equipped with acrylic light guide plate, bring you soft and bright lighting effect, no dazzle, safe to use.


Material: ABS + acrylic board
Acrylic board: height about 18cm, width about 10-14cm, different patterns will have 1-3cm difference
Color: base shell white, acrylic plate transparent color
Switch mode: button switch
Light color: warm light/ white light
Average service life 30000 (H)
Power supply: Only USB plug-in

White light warm light contrast photos

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About the base:

USB Powered supply/ button switch

Warmling note before use:

In order to avoid scratches on the acrylic during transportation, we have attached a plastic protective film on both sides of the product.

1. Please tear off the protective film on both sides of the acrylic before use, thank you
2. To avoid leaving fingerprint on the acrylic panel surface, please only hold the board on the edge instead of front.



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