Music LED Digital Alarm Clock Voice Control Night Light

Color: White
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1. USB charging port, convenient for charging
2. Night light function
Adjustable light duration
3. Adjustable time brightness and volume
4. Power off memory function (no need to reset the time when power off),Built-in 1500mah lithium battery to memory setting.
5. Two sets of alarms can be controlled independently
6. Support workday alarm clock and weekend alarm clock settings. Free choice of 4 modes (1-1, 1-5, 1-6, 1-7)
1-1:Alarm Clock Only Ring for one time
1-5:Alarm Clock Rings from Monday to Friday
1-6:Alarm clock Rings from Monday to Saturday
1-7:Alarm clock Rings from Monday to Sunday
7. 18 music ringtones to choose from, the music can be adjusted manually (4 files) maximum 120 decibels
8.Brightness can be adjusted, and can be adjusted manually
9. Touch snooze. When the alarm sounds, you can touch the top to snooze, the snooze time is 5 minutes
10. Daylight saving time function and low battery reminder
11. Battery status display
When charging --- always on
Fully charged---off
Low battery---flashing

Product Show

Material: ABS
Product size: 115 * 93 * 42mm
Color: white, black, pink, yellow
Accessories: Chinese/English manual, data cable

NOTE 1:Take the protective flim on Clock Screen,it will be brighter.
NOTE 2:It will go off after 10 seconds when only powered by AAA Battery(Not Included)
Clap your hands or knock on the table to wake up the alarm clock
If you want screen always on,please plug in use.


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