Neck and Shoulder Vertebra Relaxer Relief Pain Traction

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Color: Blue
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Net weight: 230g

Size: 22*17.5*12.5cm

Hardness: 45

Advise working time: 15mins per time

Cerrification: CE/ROSH/FCC/PDA

Describe: Under the effect of self-gravity, it can effectively improve cervical spine problems, restore the neck to a healthy "C" shape, and eliminate nerve compression and blood supply problems caused by dislocation.


Usage Method
Method 1: Lay the product flat, after lying on your back, the neck is naturally relaxed, and the head gravity can be used for stretching massage.

Method 2: Fix the product in the correct posture, after lying on the back, shake the neck from side to side, it can have the effect of neck muscle massage.



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