Portable Ultrasonic Glass Jewelry Denta Cleaner

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Multifunctional Ultrasonic Cleaner

45000Hz high frequency vibration
360° three-dimensional cleaning


clean all stains

Watches, jewelry, glasses, razors, baby pacifiers, etc. hide all kinds of stains
Ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean fingerprints, clean oil, clean oxide layer, clean residue, remove odor, etc.


45000Hz vibration frequency for efficient cleaning

The high-frequency vibration separates the air and water in the liquid and continuously washes the surface of the object
Make dust, bacteria, oil, emulsify, peel, deep clean


Deep clean watches, glasses, shavers and more


Cleaning jewelry, watches, makeup brushes, etc.

Can clean pacifiers, chews, children's toys, etc.

Thorough cleaning to protect your baby's health


touch button

304 stainless steel
Runway round anti-skid design


low noise


Basic parameters


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