Cable management clamp

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Cable management clamp

Free storage ,Say goodbye to messiness

Multi-function cable manager for home, office, and car


Messy, annoying? Safe?

Multi-wire winding is not only annoying,

but also a safety hazard


Little things

Solve big problems

Neat and orderly,

Give you a comfortable and safe environment


Tight opening

Cable does not slip

Suitable for all kinds of cable with diameter of 6.5mm,

Such as data cable/earphone cable/mouse/ audio cable/

network cable/small household appliance plug-in cable, etc


Freedom of storage

More convenient

Separation design,

Meet your needs


Simple design

Easy to use

One push, one press, Easy storage



Various panels

can be pasted

Such as wood, glass, metal, plastic, leather, ceramic tile, etc


Non-marking 3M glue

It can't stick off for a long time

Stick firmly and remove without marks


Positive side sticker

Just as easy to use

Can be pasted positively or sideways,

Feel free to paste according to different needs.


Product parameters


Name :Data cable retention clip

Function:Organize the storage cables



Quantity:6 piece

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