Silicone Protective Wrist Mouse Pad

Style: Mouse pad
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**The desk mat protects your desk from scratches, stains, splashes, heat and abrasion. There is no unpleasant smell. Ideal for protecting your laptop, keyboard and mouse from rough surfaces, or protecting the sensitive surfaces of your equipment.

Mouse pad: 245*220mm
Hand rest: 435*75mm

**The mouse pad provides a smooth surface, which is perfect for using a mouse and feels good on your skin. The table mat has delicate edges to prevent abrasion. Ensure that it is not deformed or degummed after long-term use.

**The dense blackout non-slip silicone base provides a strong grip, preventing the mouse pad from sliding or moving, giving you a stable operation, allowing you to move the mouse freely without interference. Works with any flat hard desktop. The ultra-fine design of the oversized gaming mouse pad allows the mouse to move seamlessly across the keyboard, and then the cursor precisely follows the mouse.

**The surface of the mouse pad is softer and smoother on the micro-textured cloth, allowing the mouse to move as fast as lightning and still have a lot of room for movement. It can maintain accurate control even in intense use.

**This gaming mouse pad can perfectly match your keyboard and mouse, and there is extra space for mobile phones, tablets and other peripherals. Fits your mouse and keyboard perfectly.

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