TOUGHBUILT Reload Utility Knife Retractable ZD-031

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  • A patented quick-reloading blade mechanism, reloads a pack of blades with the flick of a switch.

  • Includes knife, 2 blade magazines, and blades

  • Robust, non-slip grip with safety-release button.

  • Replacing the blade is safe, easy, and fast

  • Finger-guard ridge for cutting safety.

  • Integrated magazine load indicator switch

  • 15-blade capacity: 5 in chamber + 10 in magazine reservoir

  • Includes straight and hook blades

Features & Benefits

ToughBuilt leads through innovation, and the Reload Utility Knife is a breakaway example of how we continue to disrupt markets that have remained unchanged for far too long. The patented quick-reloading blade mechanism is actuated by a positive, smooth, rail-driven thumb button; after removing a used blade, depressing the slider, and returning it with a flick, it loads a new blade from the magazine. Internally, each mag holds 5 blades of any type, while the lower chamber reservoir contains room for an additional 10 blades in storage, giving each mag a category-leading 15-blade payload.

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