Wood Wrist Rest Pad Keyboard Support Cushion keyboard Accessories

Size: 30 cm
Material: Natural wood
Sale price$29.90

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Choosing the natural black walnut as the materials, soft and environmental.
Nine manual steps and the truly wood texture make you feel cool in summer and warm in winter.
Liang Studio is a design studio that focuses on people's daily lives. It is hoped that the intimate design and rigorous manufacturing will solve the problem that standard products cannot meet the needs of users. It is very common to use a computer at the moment, but due to unreasonable computer monitors and keyboard design, many people are suffering from office diseases. And this Wrist Rest Pad Keyboard Support Cushion solves the problems caused by the unreasonable ergonomics of the keyboard during typing, work, and games. The Wrist Rest Pad Keyboard Support Cushion is custom-made in millimeters and can be perfectly matched with your keyboard. It also uses American walnut and Southeast Asian nanmu as raw materials to give you a better experience.

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